Salsa Dance Classes Melbourne

Learn to Dance Street Latin / Salsa

Beginners lessons to Advanced

If you are a Salsa dance fan, come to Rio Dance Studio for friendly classes

If you are willing to become an all rounded Latin dancer, it is important for you to learn salsa. Rio Dance Studio welcomes to you the salsa dance classes. We start from a beginner’s level, so you will be able to learn salsa right from the basics.

People love salsa dance due to its informal and casual dancing style:

Salsa is the core of Latin dancing and usually the first step in learning the Latin dance. Being one of the most popular dancing styles, it is loved because of its music, origin and various styles. It is a fusion of informal Cuban and Puerto Rico dance styles.

Looking forward to making new friends in a fun activity?

Come to Rio Dance Studio for salsa dance classes. It is a good way to socialize and get to know new people from different backgrounds. You don’t exactly need a partner for salsa, as you keep rotating and get to swap partners. It is a platform for people to make new friends and also continue salsa dance as a fun activity.

Learn to get close to your partner through our salsa lessons:

Salsa is fun and easy to learn. With our salsa dance lessons, you will be able to learn the basics just in a few days. We start with teaching simple and basic steps as a warm up activity. Learn to get close to your partner with one of the most famous dance styles. Spend more time with people you like to be around, at our salsa dance classes. Once you are comfortable with the beginner’s level, we move to the intermediate level.

Salsa dance is internationally popular around the metropolitan cities of the world. Explore your hidden talents with our professional trainers, who guide you all the way from basics to the intermediate dance levels within a few months.

Beginner’s Level Salsa Dance Class:
The beginner’s level focused on the:
  • Footwork
  • Timing
  • Turn Patterns

Once our trainers are satisfied that you have cleared the first stage, they move you to the intermediate class.

Intermediate Level Salsa Dance Class:

At this level, the class duration expands on lengthy routines. Here, double turns and spinning is taught. For advanced level dance classes, you need to enroll in a separate program, which is flexible according to your availability.