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Learn Latin Dance for an Upcoming Wedding or any Special Day

Latin dance holds a unique importance among the different styles of dancing. It is one of the most popular and favourite style due to its groovy music that gets your body moving to the rhythm. At Rio Dance Studio, we can help you become a well-rounded Latin dancer.

As soon as you enter our studio, you will know why we are above the rest. It is the ambience and our friendly trainers!

Fun, quick and easy to learn, our Latin dance classes in Melbourne welcome you to the world of Latin dancing. We offer Cha Cha Dance Classes, Samba Dance Classes, Rumba Dance Classes and Jive Dance Classes that help you explore the different Latin dancing styles in depth. From a beginner to advanced level, let our friendly and professional trainers guide you and introduce Latin moves that can leave your friends and family in awe.

If you are new to the swing dance, then Latin is the right choice of dance class for you.

Cha Cha Dance Classes:

For Latin Pop or Rock, our Cha Cha dance classes help you dance to the authentic Cuban music. We have a mix of the traditional music with modern Latin, to keep you up to date with music trends.

Samba Dance Classes:

When talking about ballroom classes, this is the most lively and rhythmical music. This style is used to celebrate the happy spirit of the Carnival. If you are a lively person and want your dance to depict it, this is the class that suits your personality.

Rumba Dance Classes:

This is one of the slowest Latin dance styles. It is popular for weddings due to its romantic style and genre of music. So come to Rio Dance Studio for a preparatory class to master the techniques to impress your guests.

Jive Dance Classes:

For an energetic Jive dance class, let us help you improve your skills. This is one  of the most energetic Latin dance styles.

This platform is perfect for those who wish to explore the wonderful world of social dancing and Latin clubs. The music is charming and happy. The simple tempo rhythm is easy to hear, feel and leads to spontaneous dance. We have Latin dance classes from basic, beginner fundamentals to the professional level.

Rio Dance Studio is a top Melbourne rated dance studio known for its beginner dance classes. To learn more about our Latin dance classes, call us at: 039836 5588.