We specialise in Adult Beginner Dance Lessons, which set us apart from other dance studios

Dance is a form of expression through movement. Rio Dance Studio will take you beyond your imagination and help you learn adult beginner dance lessons. Whether you have danced before or have no idea about dancing, you have come to the right place. Our adult dance classes are fun and easy to learn.

In your very first lesson, we will teach you the basic elements on which all dance patterns are based. The moment you step inside our studio, you will know why we are different from other dance studios.

If you are a beginner and looking forward to a fun activity, join our dance lessons today!

Come to Rio Dance Studio for basic moves for a novice dancer. The focus of our class is to build a solid foundation to execute proper dance steps and moves. We introduce our beginners with a warm up, which includes isolation, exercises and a breakdown of energetic routine to build stamina. For beginner’s level, no previous experience is required.

We emphasise on strength, flexibility and improving balance:

Long office hours leave working people tired and exhausted. Our dance lessons are the perfect way to work out after sitting on chair of long tiring hours. We focus on building your strength, flexibility and improving your balance. These lessons are designed in a way that corrects your posture and providing you a healthy life style. It helps you stay active and efficient for the entire week.

Whether you are looking for an activity or preparing dance for a special event, or need to impress your friends, Rio Dance Studio is the ultimate solution. Our expert instructors can get you out on the dance floor. Your dance lessons can be private, or if you are willing to learn in a group, we can schedule you with other students.

Learning to dance for adults is now made easier by our friendly professional staff.

Our qualified, trained, friendly and experienced trainers customise your dance lessons and help you achieve your goal. Try our free session to decide, if you are unsure about our services.

Experience the magic today! Call us now to enroll for our adult beginner dance lessons at: 039836 5588.