Get swing dance classes to improve your skills with the best professional instructors in town

If you are new to swing dancing, Rio Dance Studio is a great way to start. We welcome you to our friendly studio to learn Latin and Swing dance. We are an award winning studio and offer top notch dance classes in Melbourne.

Swing dance lessons at Rio Dance Studio include:

Our swing dance classes include Jazz, Blues, Disco, Rock ‘n’ Roll, pop and Country music. Swing dances are characterized by a lively beat, energetic rhythm and feet movement. It is a source of fun and a good exercise.

Friendly environment for quick learning:

We provide a fresh, fun and friendly environment for our learners. Run by the professionals, you are in the best possible hands for all your dance learning needs. Once you pay us a visit, you will know why we are above the rest in the city./

Learn to dance! We welcome beginners and intermediate level swing dancers:

Swing dance lesson is perfect for anyone, who has no swing dance experience. These lessons help you work on your basic techniques, if you are swing dancer. We have designed and scheduled our classes in a way that you learn dance for a complete song by the end of each week.

No partners required as we keep rotating partners during the lessons:

No partners are required, but you can bring in your friends for fun or a social night. We rotate partners throughout the class, so you do not need a partner along. Our trainers provide patient and positive instructions, and treat all students equally. They work with all their interest and make the environment friendly and comfortable for new learners.

From beginners to intermediate adult dances, we have taught people to dance with confidence. We understand that everyone learns at a different pace. We offer classes for both recreational and aspiring professional dancers. We have professional instructors with degrees in dance and are dedicated to provide the highest quality services. They nurture and develop individual skills.

If dancing muses you and you have a passion for it, get started with our swing dance classes at Rio Dance Studio! Our professional instructors look forward to share their experience and love for dance.

Book us today for a free session or to enroll for swing dance classes at: 039836 5588.