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Latin is one of the most popular dance styles taught throughout our dance studio.  Latin is a favourite to learn due to the catchy rhythms of the music and the great feeling you get from moving your body to the beat. Enquire on our contact page about our Latin Dance Classes Melbourne and getting started.

Each of the Latin dances has it's own individual style:

Cha Cha Cha may be danced to authentic Cuban music, or more modern Latin Pop or Latin Rock. The music for the International ballroom Cha Cha Cha is energetic and with a constant and steady beat. At Rio Dance Studio we love to mix it up so that you get to dance to the more traditional rhythms as well as with todays current and up to date music.

                                  Among ballroom dancing, Samba has a lively and rhythmical personality. It is related to the traditional Samba styles of Brazil and depicts the carefree happy spirit of the Carnival.

                                  Rumba is the slowest of the five Latin dances and was derived from the cuban rhythm of a dance called Bolero-son. It is a most popular dance which occurs in both social dancing and on the International dance scene. It is also a very popular choice for Wedding couples because of it's romantic style and genre of music.

                                  Paso Doble` is not normally danced socially, but is used in Medal tests and at competitions. It is a highly choreographed dance with strong shapes and lines therefore it is quite challenging to learn and master.

                                  Jive is an American dance originated from the Jitterbug dance however it is danced without the lifts and acrobatic elements. Jive is a fast and energy-consuming dance therefore it is normally the last dance danced at competitions because of the energetic style. A favourite to dance with Rock N' Roll music and at most social occaisions!!